>$25 Restaurant Gift Certificates as low as $2.00! Great for Valentine’s Day!



Starting today through Feb 14th, Restaurant.com is offering their $25 Restaurant.com Gift Certificates for as little as $2.00!  After you add them to your cart, use code LOVE, or the price won’t drop down to $2.00 each!

If you are planning on going to a nice restaurant for Valentine’s Day, this Gift Certificate can help drop your total cost down!

If you haven’t purchased a Restaurant.com Gift Certificate before, this is how it works. Each restaurant will have different fine print. Some will have a minimum purchase required or a specific day that you eat.

If the fine print says that you have to spend at least $25 in order to use your Restaurant.com Gift Certificate, think if you would have already spent that amount normally on the people who are eating. If you would have, then it is a great buy. You can purchase your discounted Gift Certificate, and not worry about meeting the minimum requirements, because you know you already will.

Now, some of the higher end restaurants will say you have to spend a minimum of $50. If there are only two of you eating, chances are you may not hit that $50 unless you buy more food than you were planning on- which isn’t that great of a deal. So think about all of these things when you are purchasing. If done right, you really can save a lot of money eating out!


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