>Valentine’s Giveaway Extravaganza Winners!!


REMINDER: If you haven’t emailed me yet and claimed your prize, you only have 24 more hours before I will have to give it to someone else.  So, I thought I would repost this for those of you who didn’t see it yesterday.

Thanks to everyone who entered the Valentine’s Giveaway Extravaganza on the Freebies2Deals site!  I hope you guys enjoyed it because I would like to do it again in the future! 

And the winners are……

Giveaway #1: Keurig Special Edition Brewer and K-Cups 
Mariann (marianngazafy@)
Giveaway #2: 5 Quart Viking Mixer
Amber (amberbrady2@)
Giveaway #3: $90 Custom Made Men’s Shirt from Indi Custom
Nichol (nichollloyd@)
Giveaway #4: $100 Rocky Mountain I Love Lucy Gift Basket
Emily (Emilyd80@)
Giveaway #5: Three Eco-Foil Gift Packs
Roseann (rtstam@), Alisa (stevenalisa@), Lucy (lucy_curtis0820@)
Giveaway #6: $100 Vintage Pearl Gift Certificate
Maria (maria.the.uncommon@)
Giveaway #7: $25 Cooking.com Gift Certificate
Missy (missussnickerdoodle@)
Giveaway #8: Four Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Boxes
Lauren (lauren_robison@)
Stacee (staceestrong@)
Shari (shariwrigh@)
Candi (candilynette@)
Giveaway #9: Four In-Step Double Jogging Strollers
Laurie (lchristensen6285@)
Callie (yepcalliejo@)
Krystin (krystinmann@)
Dena (denajclark@)
Giveaway #10: $50 Shari’s Berries Gift Certificate
Rhonda (mcbrides65@gmail.com)
Giveaway #11: Six $35 Shop the Look Gift Certificates
Cinthia (cinthirvine@)
Kristin (kadip4580@)
Natalie (nmcghie@)
Barbara (barbsriddle@)
Kathleen (rickk01@)
Trudi (houndin@)
Giveaway #12: Three Crio Bru Gift Baskets
Megan (volleyfan17@)
Nicole (nydpark@)
Megan (m-e-a@)
Giveaway #13: $50 Pro Flowers Gift Certificate
Jody (jody@harrison…..)
Giveaway #14: $50 Red Envelop Gift Certificate
Sherise (sheriser@)
Giveaway #15: Fifteen $50 Mrs. Fields Gift Certificates
Stephanie (teffy21@)
Susie (toddandsusie@)
Charity (BLAKESLEE6@)
Jessica (jessicac3131@)
Cyndee (cyndeebusk@)
Kelly (sbmn44@)
Marion (marioncline@)
Anne (kennemere@)
Becky (bscroggin@)
Derek (dt_caldwell@)
Sue (evg_aca_sb@)
Heather (laladaisy24@)
Lauren (lauren51990@)
Jessica (jessicawalker08@)

If your name and email address is listed as one of the winners above, you will need to email me at melea@freebies2deals.com to claim your prize.  If I do not hear from you within the next 48 hours, I will have to give your prize to someone else- no exceptions.

If you were not listed as one of the winners, make sure to check out the other blogs you may have entered for the Valentine’s Day Giveaway Extravaganza!  You may hve won their giveaway instead!

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4 Responses to “>Valentine’s Giveaway Extravaganza Winners!!”

  1. Luisa Says:

    >Congratulations to the winners!!I didn't win but thank you for doing this Freebies2Deals. Even the anticipation was fun πŸ™‚

  2. 1grown2togo Says:

    >Awe!!! Sweet Monday Surprise!! I won one of The Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate Boxes!! Thank you Freebies2Deals!!shariwrigh@aol.com

  3. Lexiquin Says:

    >I can only hope someone doesn't claim their prize–because I don't see my name here :(If you have to draw a new winner, do you contact them directly?Congrats to all the winners! Thanks for hosting such a generous giveaway.

  4. Yummy Boy Mummy Says:

    >Yay! I won! Thank you! πŸ™‚ Email sent! πŸ™‚

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