>$500 VISA Gift Card and BEST Rate with Mortgage Refinance or Purchase!


Reminder:  You have one more day before this offer expires.  You just have to have talked with Brady  BEFORE end of day Jan 28th to have the offer count.  And,even if you aren’t sure if it something you want to do or not, you can just call him up and ask! Another deal from this company will be a few months away. 

It’s a New Year and time for a new deal from RANLife and my wonderful husband! Starting today through January 28th, you can get a $500 VISA Gift Card when you purchase a home or refinance your mortgage!

You just have to have started the process before the end of day Jan 28th to get in on this deal.  And, this is the Biggest Promotion they have done so far!  So, if you are curious what kind of rate Brady can get you, call him up and ask.  He is a really nice guy and will be honest about whether or not a refinance is a good idea for you.  But if you can save a few hundred dollars off your mortgage payment each month, it is definitely something you should do!

They won’t be doing another deal until at least April.  So, you will want to make sure you either fill out an application or call him up at 801-478-4503 to get started or have him answer your questions about your situation.  You can even just shoot him an email at bradyj@ranlife.com if that is easier.

Just so you know, Brady also guarantees that you will get the Best Rate.  So if you got a Good Faith Estimate from another company, they will beat it and still give you the $500 VISA Gift Card at closing!

Hopefully this deal will help some of you out looking for a better Mortgage situation.  I know it is tough finding someone that really wants to help you out.  And I know my husband already feels invested helping all of you because you are MY readers! And it means a lot to me to make sure you guys can save in every way possible!

**This deal has been approved by the Principle Lending Manager at RANLife.


One Response to “>$500 VISA Gift Card and BEST Rate with Mortgage Refinance or Purchase!”

  1. Embrace Your Space Says:

    >If we are going through the process right now does that mean we are not eligible? We are working with them and our appraisal is tomorrow. We didn't get that great of an interest rate but since there were no closing costs we decided to go ahead with it. I would love to get the $500 Visa!!

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