>Awesome Deals for the Sports Lover on your List!

>Wal-Mart has a few great deals on NCAA and Pro Football Paraphenalia!

You can purchase a 3 Piece NCAA Apron Set for $17.00!  It includes a Apron, Pot Holder and Oven Mit.  This is the perfect gift for the Tail-Gating Fan!  You could even grab the 2 Piece NCAA Grill Set too!

Wal-Mart also has 50x 60 NFL Fleece Throws for only $19.00 and 50×60 NCAA Fleece Throws for only $19.00!  Throws this size are usually a lot more expensive!

Some of the items offer Free Ship to Store too.  Basically, you could cross off every Man on your list with these items.  You’ll save a ton of money too!


4 Responses to “>Awesome Deals for the Sports Lover on your List!”

  1. Megan Miley and Chris Says:

    >What the heck? Where's the BYU stuff???

  2. Melea Says:

    >Megan:I thought it was weird it wasnt on the main list either. But if you search for it, it will pop up.

  3. Barnedt Bunch Says:

    >What did you search for to make the BYU stuff come up?

  4. Melea Says:

    >I think BYU fleece throw.

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