>$10 off Disney’s Fantasia Coupon for VHS Owners!


Do you own the VHS version of Fantasia?  Or just an older DVD copy? 

If so, you can get a $10 off the brand new Fantasia Blu-Ray Combo Pack.  Just log in to your Disney Movie Rewards account and enter in the UPC code of the movie.  It will give you a couopn to print off that you can use when the movie is released in store on November 30th!

**I think I will be passing on this movie myself… but that is just because it gave me nightmares when I was a kid! LOL 


2 Responses to “>$10 off Disney’s Fantasia Coupon for VHS Owners!”

  1. Sean and Vanessa Barker Says:

    >I hated the movie when I was younger too. I wonder if I would think different now that I'm older?!

  2. Dave Says:

    >Ok, I LOVE doing this!!! This is NOT the same thing! FANTASIA was weird, but FANTASIA 2000 is AMAZING! I'm not kidding! Everyone who I've shown this to is surprise and gets "converted"!!! It is the most underrated Disney movie ever. Especially if you LOVE music, (I come from a very musical family) this will move you! (And for me, my mom, my sister, and others… that means TO TEARS!) 🙂 It's just beautiful! So if you have no desire to own the movie, at least go get it from the library, turn up your speakers and it will amaze you!!!

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