>FREE Vinyl Letters from Love Letterings! Just pay shipping! WOW


This is a great deal to jump on!  Love Letterings is a company that offers Vinyl Wall Decals.  And they are usually around $25 each.  However, head over to Love Letterings and use code SASfreeThen, you will get it FREE!!  You will just have to pay $11.95 shipping. 

And, the Vinyl Decals are shipped in really pretty containers.  So you could definitely give these as gifts!  There are tons of decals to choose from and a great way to decorate your home for really cheap!

Vinyl decals can be placed on plates as decoration, walls, on a wood sign to hang… the possibilities are endless!

**You can only get 1 free with each order.  But you can place multiple orders and use the same promo code each time if you want to get more than 1 free Vinyl Decal!

The word is that this code expires November 1st.  However, I would recommend ordering this asap.  If items get back stocked because too many order, you may not get your item in time for Christmas presents.


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