>Free Digital Scrapbook Artist! HURRY!


Amazon is offering a Free Download of the computer software program Digital Scrapbook Artist! It is worth $49.99 normally.  But, for a limited time today, they are offering it completely FREE!

(Thanks Freebies4Mom)


7 Responses to “>Free Digital Scrapbook Artist! HURRY!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    >I wasn't able to get it to download. Is anyone able to get this to work? Thanks, Rachel

  2. Rebecca Says:

    >I'm downloading it as I type. Doesn't seem to be any problems on my end.

  3. clintjenjen Says:

    >I am downloading it as well . It is taking a long time four hours so far. No problems yet = )

  4. KAT Says:

    >It says it's only for Windows Vista and XP. I have Windows 7. I'm pretty bummed.

  5. carol Says:

    >I can't finish because I can't find my "product Key" where is this?

  6. Michelle Says:

    >to bad you can't use this on a MAC

  7. The Olsen's Says:

    >Product Key is located on your Amazon account. After you puchased the product. There is a yellow icon that says Product key.

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