>Deal Outlet: Great Harvest 65% off! What??! Arizona Discounts too!


Have you guys checked out the Deal Outlet on the City Deals site??  They are getting rid of a bunch of discounted gift certificates and have discounted them WAY more than normal.  They are practically handing them away.  Man, I love that company!

Great Harvest is one of the companies that is being discounted 65% off!  That means you can grab a $20 Gift Certificate to Great Harvest for only $7.00!  Wow, right? 

I actually have one of the Great Harvest Gift Certificates that I purchased earlier and they were awesome about taking it.  And whatever amount I didn’t spend, they gave me a credit to come back and use the rest of the gift certificate.  That way, I didn’t have to spend $20 all at once!

Plus, if you live in Arizona, there are a TON of discounted deals in your area.  Since I’m not familiar with the places listed, I can’t give you much help other than to check it out!

***Use code SSTUCKI to get Free Shipping!!


3 Responses to “>Deal Outlet: Great Harvest 65% off! What??! Arizona Discounts too!”

  1. JEN Says:

    >I went to the store in Provo yesterday morning and they said that I had to use my whole certificate at once. I wouldn't have minded (because I could just freeze the bread)but they didn't have much of a selection.

  2. Melea Says:

    >Strange. I went to the Lehi Location and they were great. Try that next time.

  3. JEN Says:

    >I have been to the Lehi Location several times and agree that they are wonderful and have way better customer service. They even gave my boys a little tour how to make bread..

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