>FREE Shipping from City Deals and some "Secret" Deals!!


You guys know how much I love City Deals.  And I hear from all of you how much you like them too!

Sometimes I like to search around their site to see what new deals have been posted.  Many times no one knows about them until a City Deals email update goes out.  So I like to see if I can get a jump on posting about them for you guys.  That helps you guys get the deal before it sells out!

So here are a few awesome deals that I found today while searching.  PLUS, you can get Free Shipping for a Limited Time by using code SSTUCKI!  Awesome!

Chick-Fil-A in Riverdale: 50% off a Small Nuggets Tray!!  If you have a bunch of people in your family, this is the deal to get.  Normally it would cost $22.00 to get the Nuggets Tray.  But you can get it for only $11.00 right now with the special 50% off deal they have.  Plus, they have a TON of other items you can get 10% off on!  And, Moms, you know it is nice to have a discount on food when you are driving around running errands.  Kids can only last so long without an energy boost! 

Iggy’s Sports Grill (ALL National Locations!!):  Get a $25 Gift Card to Iggy’s for only $20!  Plus, since it is a Gift Card and there are NO exclusions, you can actually use a coupon along with it.  Right now, Iggy’s is offering a coupon for Free Dessert when you purchase 2 Entrees!  (You can use two coupons per table.  So, invite a couple to go with you for a date night!)
**You can get 3-4 Sandwhiches/Salads for $25.  Plus, the 2 Free Desserts.  It’s a serious steal.  AND, football season is about to start.  Perfect timing!!

Blimpie (Participating Utah Locations):  You can grab a $25.00 Gift Certificate for $12.50.  Plus, any part of the gift certificate you don’t use the first time you go, you will receive a credit to use in the future.  So you don’t have to use the entire gift certificate at once.  You will end up getting 50% off each time you eat there until your gift certificate is gone!

**I’ll be on the lookout for more!  Stay Tuned! Make sure to use code SSTUCKI to get Free shipping!


One Response to “>FREE Shipping from City Deals and some "Secret" Deals!!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    >Melea – Your Chick-Fil-A post needs fixing! I live in Herriman and love the Chick-Fil-A at the District. So, thinking that was the location your tray of nuggets post was for, I jumped to City Deals to grab it. Unfortunately, City Deals goofed. I can tell from the address and the zip code that it should say Riverdale, UT and NOT Riverton. Besides, as I realized after looking at that, there isn't a Chick-Fil-A in Riverton – it's in South Jordan.

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