>Free Resuable Tote from Vistaprint and 9 Other FREE Offers!


Update:  The Freebies are available again!  Don’t forget to grab them before the sale ends.  It will end without notice.

Vistaprint is one of my all-time favorite offers!  I love when they offer free stuff! 

Right now, Vistaprint is offering a Free Reusable Tote.  You can choose from 36 different designs or you can put a picture of your family or business logo on it and use it every time you are at the grocery store.

Plus, many stores will give you cash off your grocery bill for each reusable bag you use!!  Target will give you $.05 off!  That adds up, especially if you have multiple reusable bags!

You will need to pay for shipping.  I believe it is around $4.00 if you choose the slowest method.  But, it NEVER takes that long to get to you.  I usually get my products in about a week!

Totally worth it!  Maybe I should put the Freebies2Deals logo on mine!

Vistaprint is also offering 9 Other Free Things: Customizable Mouse Pad, Mug, Photo Wall Calendars and much more!  Check them out to see what else you can get free too!


7 Responses to “>Free Resuable Tote from Vistaprint and 9 Other FREE Offers!”

  1. mallory Says:

    >Melea what ever happen with that Smiths bag contest?

  2. Melea Says:

    >We didn't win! We were doing really good, and then we lost momentum and were out voted.

  3. Amanda Says:

    >I tried to go and do this, but I can not find it. Where do I go on there page?

  4. Shug Says:

    >Ditto, Amanda.

  5. Cristina Says:

    >yeah I am not seeing anything for free…they cut the price of the small tote, but nothing for free?

  6. Melea Says:

    >Hey guys! THe link was working earlier. I will figure out where it is and re-post the deal for everyone. Thanks for letting me know. I hate it when companies change links.

  7. Layne Says:

    >This site was awesome! I got 6 things, even some Christmas presents…and saved $51! Thanks

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