>Deals of the Moment! Don’t miss your Deal!


City Deals is expanding to numerous cities all over the Nation this month. And although they have a TON of deals in Utah, they already have a bunch in various cities and are expanding really fast.  I obviously won’t be able to post every city’s deals on the site. 

City Deals has started the Deal of the Moment.  It is a daily email you get with two crazy deals discounted more than normal.  And, they only last until they sell out.

First of all, if you haven’t signed up to get City Deals emails, you will want to make sure you do!  No matter where you live, you will get an email with the craziest deals for your ara.  But, if you aren’t signed up, you won’t even know about it.  And, when they send out special promo codes, you won’t know about that either!

Simple as that!  You will start getting deals and special promo codes from them, no matter where you live!!

**And, tomorrow I will be posing a video about one of the coolest companies I learned about recently— and guess what?  City Deals has a crazy deal on a gift certificate for them too!  You will want to make sure you are online to view it, because they WILL sell out!


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