>10% off Code for City Deals!!!


Some of you have asked, and now we have one!  Right now you can get an extra 10% off any Waterpark Deal through City Deals with code JULY4.

Your spouse may have the weekend off, or even Monday off for the 4th of July.  So, it is perfect timing to get discounted gift certificates to Cowabunga Bay, Raging Waters, Cherry Hill and Seven Peaks. Plus, you get an extra 10% off.  So you are getting up to 60% off your waterpark tickets!

**I know that the Cherry Hill Tickets keep selling out.  So jump on that one for sure!

Also, City Deal’s Deal of the Moment is for Gandolfo’s.  And, if you have searched for them on the site before, you will notice that they are always sold out!  They are 50% off TODAY ONLY. 

**Code Expires July 3rd.

Oh yeah, you can actually pick up your tickets at City Deals.  They are over by Jordan Landing.  That way, you can use them right away this weekend!!


One Response to “>10% off Code for City Deals!!!”

  1. Yes Says:

    >Awesome! Thanks for this one 🙂 I just used this code for Cowabunga Bay!!

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