>Two Awesome "Today Only" Deals!


Hopefully, you have signed up to get the Screamin Coupons email updates.  If so, you would already know that you can get a $200 Teeth Whitening for only $37 from Stonehaven Dental.

To give you a little background, our family actually gets all of our dental work done at Stonehaven Dental.  And, we love it!  My husband isn’t a fan of the dentist and he likes it there too! So, now that they are offering this awesome deal, we are all over it.  Plus, if you still haven’t signed up to get email updates from Screamin Coupons, do so and you will get a $5.00 Credit!  That means a $200 Whitening for only $32! Awesome.

And, Groupon is offering half off tickets to the Jazz Festival. Instead of paying $16, you can grab as many as you want today for $8.00!  The Jazz Festival is on July 9-11 and has great music, food, games, art and more.  It could be a great few days out with the family.

Both of these deals you can only purchase today. So, don’t forget!


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