>Giveaway Time: 3 Winners to choose ANY William Riera Product of their Choice!


Giveaway Has Ended!

Companies contact me all of the time to do giveaways.  And, I will only feature their products on the site if I truly believe that they offer an incredible product and I am able to give them a stellar review.  You guys would be surprised to know how many companies I have to turn away because their product review was unsatisfactory!  So, just know that I am ALWAYS looking out for you all!

This week’s giveaway I have been really excited to post about.  There is a brand new clothing and jewelry company called William Riera.  I can’t even tell you how impressed I was with their product line!  The jewelry is absolutely gorgeous and so durable. And their dresses are made of a soft and comfortable jersey knit.  And to top it off, their customer service has been awesome!

Right now, William Riera is offering 30% off their Entire Jewelry Collection and 15% off their Entire Dress Collection.  But on top of that, they are offering Freebies2Deals Readers a 15% Discount AND Free Shipping!  Just use code “freebies2deals”.  So you will end up getting up to 45% off your order and Free Shipping!  What an insane deal right? This is one of the best promos that a company has done, especially for a clothing line.  So I am way excited for you guys to get their products. (I personally now have 5 of their necklaces and 1 of their dresses!!)  They don’t have sales or promo codes often, so you can bet I am going to use this special promo too!

**When you grab one of the dresses for 30% off and Free Shipping, I would recommend ordering one size smaller than you normally are.  The dresses are stretchy.  So I had to go down a total size. And, by the way, these are perfect dresses for Church or other formal engagements!

GIVEAWAY TIME: William Riera is offering 3 Freebies2Deals Readers either the Jewelry Item of their Choice or a Dress of their Choice! 

You must do #1. To get extra entries, you can do #2 and #3. And, you guys will really want to win this, so do all three!  Email entries are NOT accepted. So leave a comment by clicking on the Comments link at the bottom of this post. (If you are reading this in an email, you will need to head to Freebies2Deals.com to leave a comment)

REQUIRED ENTRY #1:  Check out the William Riera Website and comment on this post about your Favorite Dress. Make sure you either leave part of your email address or full name so I can contact you if you win! (ex: melea@____.com or Melea Johnson)

EXTRA ENTRY #2: “Like” of William Riera on Facebook.  You will get updates about special Facebook Only Offers!  Leave a comment stating you “Like” them on Facebook. Make sure you either leave part of your email address or full name so I can contact you if you win! (ex: melea@____.com or Melea Johnson)

EXTRA ENTRY #3: Subscribe to get the William Riera Email Newsletter. (Bottom of the page) I would highly recommend doing this one!  Since they don’t do many promo code offers, you will want this email update to know when they do happen. And, after you purchase your first item from William Riera, you WILL be ordering more.  Leave a comment stating you subscribed to their newsletter. Make sure you either leave part of your email address or full name so I can contact you if you win! (ex: melea@____.com or Melea Johnson)

The contest starts now and ends Monday, June 7th at Noon! I will announce the winners on the Freebies2Deals site shortly after that time. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or it will go to someone else. So, PLEASE make sure you check the site on Monday!



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  1. JenniferKaryn Says:

    >I love the Heidi dress, I also like the braided turquois neclace!jenniferkaryn@__________.com

  2. JenniferKaryn Says:

    >I also subscribed to their newsletterjenniferkaryn@_______.com

  3. Kandice Young Says:

    >I really like the CHLOE dress!! Very cute!!kandi_y@____.com

  4. Kandice Young Says:

    >I like William Riera on facebook! kandi_y@___.com

  5. Kandice Young Says:

    >I subscribed to the William Riera newsletterkandi_y@____.com

  6. Alicia Pearson Says:

    >I love the Heidi in BlackG_I_janie13 at yahoo dot com

  7. Alicia Pearson Says:

    >I like William Riera on facebook! G_I_janie13 at yahoo dot com

  8. Mike and Lisa Says:

    >I like the Athena. They are all really cute.Thanks!lisa-walburger@__________.com

  9. Candace Says:

    >I like the Athena dressCandace Nielsonsanderscandace@hotmail.com

  10. Alicia Pearson Says:

    >I subscribed to the William Riera newsletters.G_I_janie13 at yahoo dot com

  11. Em and Brad Says:

    >I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Heidi Dress. Very chic and elegant!emily wyattemwarner4@yahoo.com

  12. Em and Brad Says:

    >facebookemily wyattemwarner4@yahoo.com

  13. Em and Brad Says:

    >i subscribed to the newsletter. thanks!emily wyattemwarner4@yahoo.com

  14. Alicia Says:

    >I like the Athena Dress!Alicia B.aliciabunderson@yahoo.com

  15. Alicia Says:

    >I like them on facebookaliciabunderson@yahoo.com

  16. About Me Says:

    >I like the Renee dress-Kara Shurtliffkarashurtliff@gmail.com

  17. TYLER and JESSICA Says:

    >I like the black Bianca dress.Jessica Bastianjessybastian@gmail.com

  18. TYLER and JESSICA Says:

    >I like them on facebook.jessybastian@gmail.comjessicam_lebaron@msn.com

  19. Alicia Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletter.Thanks.Alicia B. aliciabunderson@yahoo.com

  20. Brittany Says:

    >I "liked" them on facebook!andiestipp@hotmail.com

  21. Aim Says:

    >I love the Heidi dress! aimrit01@gmail.com Aimee Ritchie

  22. Michelle Says:

    >I love the Athena Dress.chellelee7@____.com

  23. Aim Says:

    >I liked them on facebook! aimrit01@gmail.com Aimee Ritchie

  24. Michelle Says:

    >I LIKE them on FBchellelee7@____.com

  25. Dan + Kelli Says:

    >Hard choice but I would have to pick the Chloe dress! I love it!Kelli Stuart

  26. Michelle Says:

    >I'm signed up for their newsletterchellelee7@____.com

  27. Brittany Says:

    >The "Marie"andiestipp@hotmail.com

  28. Brittany Says:

    >I signed up for their newsletter.andiestipp@hotmail.com

  29. Dan + Kelli Says:

    >I like William Riera on facebook.

  30. Dan + Kelli Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletter.Kelli Stuart

  31. Tara Says:

    >I love the Lucy and the Chloe. I have had my eye on these dresses for a month now. I hope I win!tbmax03@gmail.com

  32. Tara Says:

    >I "like" on FB. tbmax03@gmail.com

  33. Tara Says:

    >I subscribe to the newsletter. tbmax03@gmail.com

  34. Melissa Says:

    >I love the Athena dress!Melissa Story

  35. Melissa Says:

    >I like William Riera on Facebook!Melissa Story

  36. chrissa prestriedge Says:

    >mimx3@yahoo.com I subscribed and "like"d

  37. v-ness Says:

    >I LOVE the Heidi dress!!!v.boman@aggiemail.usu.edu

  38. Ryder Royalty Says:

    >Can I say it's hard to pick only one??? I like the Lucy though! It's so cute and I don't currently have anything like it!

  39. v-ness Says:

    >I like William Riera on Facebook.v.boman@aggiemail.usu.edu

  40. Ryder Royalty Says:

    >I "like" them on FB!

  41. Ryder Royalty Says:

    >I subscribe to their newsletter!

  42. Kim Wageck Says:

    >I like the Athena dress in black size XS.

  43. Valorie Says:

    >I like the Heidi dress.Valorie Walters

  44. Anonymous Says:

    >I love these clothes and jewelry… wow…. I love the Renee dress… sunnygarden7@aol.com

  45. Anonymous Says:

    >I siZned up for the newsletter.sunnygarden7@aol.com

  46. Anonymous Says:

    >I "liked" on facebook. sunnygarden7@aol.com

  47. the watson4 Says:

    >I love the Heide dress. So cute!!ange.watson@________.com

  48. kelly Says:

    >I love the Marie in black! Thank you! mkmdj@_____.comkelly b.

  49. the watson4 Says:

    >"Liked" them on facebook.ange.watson@_________.com

  50. Valorie Says:

    >I like them on facebook.Valorie Walters

  51. KAT Says:

    >I had a hard time choosing, since they are all very beautiful dresses! I like the Marie or the Athena. starkat21@_____.com

  52. Christine Says:

    >I love the Renee dress!Christine Chun

  53. KAT Says:

    >I "liked" William Riera on facebook. starkat21@___.com

  54. Melodie Says:

    >The Renee is DEFINITELY my favorite.Melodie Porter

  55. Valorie Says:

    >I signed up for the newsletter.Valorie Walters

  56. Melodie Says:

    >I Like William Riera on facebook!Melodie Porter

  57. my4blessings Says:

    >what dress do I like: they are are too dark to tell. All were shown in black and one in dark blue so the details aren't shown. They all look the same to me but I'll take your word for it that they are cute :)catamaranschool@_______.com

  58. Melodie Says:

    >I have subscribed to their newsletter!Melodie Porter

  59. Holly Says:

    >i signed up for the newsletterholly.flatt@gmail.com

  60. Holly Says:

    >My favorite dress is Athena.

  61. Holly Says:

    >I also like William Riera on Facebook.Holly Flatt

  62. Sara Says:

    >I love the Bianca dress! It's hard to pick they are all beautiful!!Sara Perry

  63. Sara Says:

    >I "like" them on facebook!Sara Perry

  64. Sara Says:

    >I subscribed to their newsletter!Sara Perry

  65. Heather Says:

    >I think the Heidi dress is way cute! Heather Johnson

  66. Margaux Says:

    >I like the ATHENA dress! margaux22@_______.net

  67. Margaux Says:

    >I also signed up for their newsletter.margaux22@________.net

  68. ZIPADEDODA Says:

    >I subscribed to their newsletter!Candace Keeferzipadedoda@yahoo.com

  69. Kelsey Says:

    >The Marie dress!kelseymreed@gmail.com

  70. ZIPADEDODA Says:

    >I "like" them on facebook!Candace Keeferzipadedoda@yahoo.com

  71. East2West Says:

    >I the dresses are great! Very figure friendly plus the are styled to my taste.Deleon073@______.net

  72. Kelsey Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletter.kelseymreed@gmail.com

  73. catherinedewaal Says:

    >I love the "Athena" dress. Very cute!catherinedewaal@hotmail.com

  74. Kelsey Says:

    >I liked them on facebook.kelseymreed@gmail.com

  75. Bama Leone Says:

    >I love the "Chloe" dress, and the "Athena" dress!bloffers@live.com

  76. Ben and KoriAnn Says:

    >I love the Athena Dress. So cute!koriannanderson@hotmail.com

  77. Bama Leone Says:

    >I like them on facebookbloffers@live.com

  78. Ben and KoriAnn Says:

    >I liked them on facebook too :)koriannanderson@hotmail.com

  79. Angela M Says:

    >I would get the Renee dress.angelamc@gmail.com

  80. Angela M Says:

    >Like on face book.angelamc@gmail.com

  81. Angela M Says:

    >signed up for emailsangelamc@gmail.com

  82. Amy Says:

    >I love the Renee dress. They are all fabulous!Amy Egbert (amy.egbert at gmail)

  83. Amy Says:

    >I like them on facebook.Amy Egbert (amy.egbert at gmail)

  84. Melanie Says:

    >I like the Marie dress. Thanks! mmheightman(at)gmail(dot)com

  85. Baby Mama Says:

    >Athena Sarahlovesvegas at hotmail

  86. Kelsi Says:

    >I love the Heidi dress! So cute! Kelsi Wilde

  87. Janelle Says:

    >I love the Bianca Dressbradfordjanelle@gmail.com

  88. Janelle Says:

    >I like them on facebookbrafordjanelle@gmail.com

  89. Janelle Says:

    >I subscribed to newsletterbradordjanelle@gmail.com

  90. T Says:

    >Love love love the Lucy dress!triciamay11@_______.com

  91. Anonymous Says:

    >I like the Renee Dress! Krystaltarter2986@yahoo.com

  92. Anonymous Says:

    >I also liked them on facebook!Krystaltarter2986@yahoo.com


    >I love the "Heidi" dress so cute!! I am a sucker for turquoise jewelry on a good day…but these are absolutely beautiful pieces! Sade Phillips

  94. T Says:

    >Signed up to receive emails!triciamay11@_______.com

  95. Alisha Says:

    >I really like the Athena dress!alishamears@yahoo.com

  96. Kelsi Says:

    >I like them on facebook!Kelsi Wilde


    >I Like William Riera on Facebook. Sade Phillips


    >I subscribed to the newsletter. Sade Phillips

  99. Krystal Says:

    >I LOVE the Athena Dress and the Heidi. How fun! Hope I win!Krystal Clough

  100. T Says:

    >I like William Riera on facebook! triciamay11@_____.com

  101. Krystal Says:

    >I like William Riera on FB. Krystal Clough

  102. Melissa Says:

    >I really like the 'Lucy' dress.melissa@muhlestein.org

  103. Scarlett Says:

    >Scarlett Clegg: I love the Lucy dress!

  104. Janae Says:

    >janae jakins: love the dress!!! janae.jakins@____.com

  105. Janae Says:

    >I like the Heidi dress!!buffyj17@hotmail.com

  106. Emily Says:

    >I love the Athena dress in black.roadrunner008@_________.com

  107. Kristie Says:

    >I like the "Heidi" dress serenityxpressions@gmail.com

  108. Kristie Says:

    >I like them on facebook, too!serenityxpressions@gmail.com

  109. Emily Says:

    >I like them on facebookroadrunner008@_________.com

  110. Scarlett Says:

    >Scarlett Clegg: Like on FB!

  111. Kristie Says:

    >I also subscribed to their email!! Love these guys!serenityxpressions@gmail.com

  112. Emily Says:

    >Just signed up to get the Newsletter too!roadrunner008@____________.com

  113. Scarlett Says:

    >Scarlett Clegg: Subscribed to newsletter!

  114. The Duncombe's Says:

    >I like the Heidi and Athena dress!! Erika Duncombe

  115. The Duncombe's Says:

    >just liked them on FB!Erika Duncombe

  116. Nicki Ehlers Says:

    >I like the Heidi and the Renee dresses!Nickiehlers@___.com

  117. Natalie Says:

    >I really like the Lucy dress. nutes145@___.com

  118. Natalie Says:

    >I liked them on Facebook. nutes145@____.com

  119. Denita Says:

    >So hard to choose, but I think Bianca is my favorite. dnbremer@___.com

  120. Michelle Mortimer Says:

    >The Heidi Dress is so cute!Michelle Mortimer

  121. Chad and Tina Says:

    >I love the "Lucy" dress and the PEARL NECKLACE W/ CHARCOAL STONES!!Tina Mortensen

  122. Chad and Tina Says:

    >I "Like" William Riera on Facebook!!Tina Mortensen

  123. Michelle Mortimer Says:

    >I like em on facebook!Michelle Mortimer

  124. Chad and Tina Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletter!Tina Mortensen

  125. Kilgore's Says:

    >I L-L-LOVE the Athena!!!jakebri@gmail.com

  126. Natalie Says:

    >Love the Chloe Dress!

  127. Julia Says:

    >I LOVE them all! But I really love the 'bianca' 'Renee' and 'chloe' dress! So so so cute!julia_barnes@_________.com

  128. Julia Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletter!juliabarnes1121@_____.com

  129. jsmommaof3 Says:

    >I love the "LUCY" dress!!jms1683@yahoo.com

  130. jsmommaof3 Says:

    >I "like" William Riera USA on FB.jms1683@yahoo.com

  131. jsmommaof3 Says:

    >I subscribed to William Riera USA's newsletter.jms1683@yahoo.com

  132. Garrett and Stefanie Says:

    >Love the Heidi Dress. SOO cute!orlandopotc at yahoo dot com

  133. Bailey Family Says:

    >I absolutely love the Heidi dress

  134. Leah Says:

    >I "like" them on FBLeah Tullis

  135. Leah Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletterLeah Tullis

  136. Erica Says:

    >I like the Athena dress!ericaroyer@______.com

  137. Leah Says:

    >Love the Renee DressLeah Tullis

  138. Sean & Megan Says:

    >My favorite is definitely the Chloe dress!My e-mail is megan.olson.utahstate@_________.comMegan Jones

  139. Christine Vaughn Says:

    >My favorite dress is "Renee"…however, it does not come in my size, so if I was lucky enough to win, I'd pick the Big and Bold turquoise necklace! Thanks! sparkleandme4yrs@yahoo.com

  140. The Brown's Says:

    >I like the Heidi dress. Can I get the body with that too? Ha HaMelanie Brown mikemelbrown@hotmail.com

  141. Sherry Says:

    >I would love to have the Athena dress. Thanks!jspaget@_______.com

  142. Amanda Says:

    >I love the Renee!

  143. Amanda Says:

    >I like them on FB!amanda tullis

  144. Sherry Says:

    >I subscribed to William Riera's newsletter. jspaget@__________.com

  145. Sherry Says:

    >I liked William Riera on Facebook. jspaget@_________.com

  146. Cami & Jared Says:

    >I love the "ATHENA" dress! Its soo cute! Cami Stimpson

  147. Cami & Jared Says:

    >I "like" William Riera USA on FB.Cami Stimpson

  148. Cami & Jared Says:

    >I subscribed to William Riera USA's newsletter.camistimpson@gmail.com

  149. Chantelle L Says:

    >I like both the Heidi and the Athena. shanethan@___.com

  150. The Longs Says:

    >I really love all the dresses, I can't decide between the heidi and lucy dresses.Brittany Long

  151. The Longs Says:

    >I like them on fb!!!Brittany Long

  152. Chantelle L Says:

    >I "like" William Riera USA on Facebook!shanethan@ _____.com

  153. The Longs Says:

    >I subscribed to their newsletters.Brittany Long

  154. Katy and Wes Says:

    >I love the Heidi Dresskatrinasouthwick at gmail dot com

  155. Katy and Wes Says:

    >Likekatrinasouthwick at gmail dot com

  156. Katy and Wes Says:

    >subscribekatrinasouthwick at gmail dot com

  157. Merisa Says:

    >The Chloe dress is my favorite.merisa@__________.com

  158. Lynnea Hamatake Says:

    >I like the Heidi dress šŸ™‚

  159. Tara Says:

    >My favorite is the Lucy dress. thanks!Taratayberly@yahoo.com

  160. Tara Says:

    >I subscribed to their newsletter.Taratayberly@yahoo.com

  161. Tara Says:

    >I liked them on facebook.Taratayberly@yahoo.com

  162. TammiL Says:

    >I really like the Heidi & Lucy dresses!Tammialesueur1@msn.com

  163. Angela Says:

    >I really like the Marie dress but not lucky enough to have it in my size. I really like the Pearl Necklace w/ Dark Blue Stones necklace though.Angela- angela.robert@yahoo.com

  164. Angela Says:

    >I subscribed to their newsletter also.angela.robert@yahoo.com

  165. Kim Says:

    >I like the black Heidi dress. So cute!Kimberly Kershaw

  166. Anna Says:

    >I like the athena dressannabanana234@___.net

  167. AnnaMarie Says:

    >I signed up for their e-mail updatesorange_rock3@___.com

  168. AnnaMarie Says:

    >I like the Renee!orange_rock3@____.com

  169. AnnaMarie Says:

    >I like them on facebook!orange_rock3@___.com

  170. Tammy Says:

    >I like the Athena. Hope they get more looks great.iahclan_1999@yahoo.com

  171. Tammy Says:

    >I did the like on Facebookiahclan_1999@yahoo.com

  172. Tammy Says:

    >I subscribed to newsletter. Thanks for all your hard work.iahclan_1999@yahoo.com

  173. pollyesthertp Says:

    >I love the Heidi dress

  174. pollyesthertp Says:

    >I also like them on Facebookpollyesthertp@gmail.com

  175. pollyesthertp Says:

    >and the newsletter. Thanks!pollyesthertp@gmail.com

  176. Tiffany Says:

    >I really love the "Marie" dress!Tiffany Hillam

  177. Alisha Smith Says:

    >I just went on there website and I really like there Chloe dress. Alisha Smith

  178. Tiffany Says:

    >I "Like" of William Riera on Facebook.Tiffany Hillam

  179. idrazorback@________.com Says:

    >All the dresses are really cute.idrazorback@_________.com

  180. Alisha Smith Says:

    >I like the Chloe dress. Alisha Smith

  181. idrazorback Says:

    >signed up for newsletter

  182. The Browning Bunch Says:

    >I love the Marie Dress!ctrjanae@_____.comJanae Browning

  183. The Browning Bunch Says:

    >I "like" William Riera on Facebook!Janae Browningctrjanae@gmail.com

  184. The Browning Bunch Says:

    >I subscribed to get the William Riera newsletter!Janae Browningctrjanae@gmail.com

  185. Dustin and Kristin Says:

    >I love the Heidi dress.krimor@hotmail.comKristin Wilberg

  186. Dustin and Kristin Says:

    >I subscribed to get their newsletter.krimor@hotmail.comKristin Wilberg

  187. Dustin and Kristin Says:

    >I liked them on facebook.krimor@hotmail.comKristin Wilberg

  188. Tiffani Says:

    >I LOVE the dress: "Bianca"!! so beautiful!! I think I would love wearing it :)Tiffani Newton

  189. Tiffani Says:

    >I "Like" William Riera on Facebook :)Tiffani Newton

  190. Tiffani Says:

    >I subscribed to get the William Riera Email Newsletter :)Tiffani Newton

  191. Tiffani Says:

    >I told friends on facebook about this :)Tiffani Newton

  192. Mama's Boys Says:

    >I love the Lucy dress.Trinautahraptors@_______.org

  193. Danielle Taylor Says:

    >I like the "bianca" dress! Can't wait to get it. Love the jewelry and dresses. -Danielle Taylor

  194. Danielle Taylor Says:

    >I "liked" them on facebook!-Danielle Taylor

  195. Andrea, Mrs. Says:

    >#1: Oh my goodness! Pick me! Pick me! I want the Heidi dress! Oh it is soooooooooo pretty!Andrea H., campfirebug@___.com

  196. Andrea, Mrs. Says:

    >#2: I liked them on FB!Andrea H., campfirebug@___.com

  197. MJ Says:

    >I love the Lucy dress! ytunes.band@___________.com

  198. shauna K. Says:

    >Absolutely love the Heidi dress! I couldn't believe how affordable the dresses and jewelry are but free is WONDERFUL!!!

  199. Shauna K. Says:

    >I signed up for their newsletter!!!

  200. Shauna K. Says:

    >I liked them on Facebook. šŸ™‚

  201. The Luikarts Says:

    >I love the Bianca dress! Andrea Luikart

  202. The Luikarts Says:

    >I liked them on facebook.Andrea Luikart

  203. The Luikarts Says:

    >I also subscribed to the newsletter.Andrea Luikart

  204. The Stapletons Says:

    >I like the Bianca. Janet Stapleton

  205. Michelle Leifson Says:

    >I love the Athena dress. They all look so cute.Michelle Leifson

  206. Michelle Leifson Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletter.Michelle Leifson

  207. Michelle Leifson Says:

    >I liked them on facebook!Michelle Leifson

  208. mystielou Says:

    >Love the Athena!mystielou@________.com

  209. d Says:

    >the CHLOE dress is adorable!!!fbfandc@___.com

  210. d Says:

    >I'm a liker on FB of William Riera USAfbfandc@__.com

  211. d Says:

    >i signed up for the newsletterfbfandc@__.com

  212. Michelle Says:

    >I like the "Lucy Dress"

  213. Becky Says:

    >I love the heidi in Black. It is so cute.Becky Turner

  214. Michelle Says:

    >i signed up for the news letter for William Riera.

  215. Rebecca Medina Says:

    >LOVE the Chloe dress! Must have it!rebeccalmedina@y .com

  216. Bobby and Jasmine Says:

    >I like the Athena dress!jasminekwong@gmail.com

  217. Bobby and Jasmine Says:

    >I signed up for their newsletter.jasminekwong@gmail.com

  218. Rebecca Medina Says:

    >Signed up for the news letter…

  219. Rebecca Medina Says:

    >Liked on FB….

  220. Lachelle Says:

    >I like the Marie dress

  221. Maureen Houston Says:

    >I like the "Bianca" dress.Maureen Houston

  222. Tiff Says:

    >I like the Bianca dressdtflake at gmail dot com

  223. Tiff Says:

    >I like them on Facebookdtflake at gmail dot com

  224. Tiff Says:

    >I'm a newsletter subscriberdtflake at gmail dot com

  225. Astyn Says:

    >I like the Lucy.fabulousastyn@hotmail.com

  226. natalie pettersson Says:

    >I love the Marie dress!phillipandnatalie@netzero.com

  227. natalie pettersson Says:

    >I like them on Facebookphillipandnatalie@netzero.com

  228. wifeeonline Says:

    >I would absolutely love the Athena dress. It is exactly what I have been looking for!!!wifeeonlineisshopping@___.com

  229. wifeeonline Says:

    >I subscribed to William Riera's email list. I really want that Athena dress!!!wifeeonlineisshopping@____.com

  230. wifeeonline Says:

    >I "like"d William Riera on FB!!!! wifeeonlineisshopping@____.com

  231. dnd Says:

    >I love the Athena dress!!!! debbie dndrev@___________.com

  232. dnd Says:

    >I love the Athena dress!!! debbie dndrev@____________.com

  233. dnd Says:

    >I like William Riera on Facebook dndrev@_____________.com

  234. dnd Says:

    >I signed up for their newsletter dndrev@_____________.com

  235. Anonymous Says:

    >I liked them on facebookmissroundy@yahoo.com

  236. Anonymous Says:

    >My favorite dress is the Renee dressmissroundy@yahoo.com

  237. Anonymous Says:

    >I signed up for their emailsmissroundy@yahoo.com

  238. chamer Says:

    >Love the Renee dress. Cami Scamster_55@hotmail.com

  239. chamer Says:

    >I signed up for their emailsCami Scamster_55@hotmail.com

  240. chamer Says:

    >I liked them on facebookCami Scamster_55@hotmail.com

  241. Wendy Says:

    >I love the Lucy dress. But I also love Renee, and, and . . . okay I just want them all!Wendy Fugal wallys310@___.com

  242. Wendy Says:

    >I signed up for the newsletter.Wendy Fugal wallys310@___.com

  243. Julie B Good Says:

    >Oh I LOVE the Renee dress!Julie Good

  244. Kaylynn Says:

    >I love the Athena dress!I also subscribed to the newsletter.And I liked them on Facebook!kaylynn213@gmail.com

  245. Marva Jean Says:

    >I "Like" of William Riera on Facebook. mjknud@–.com

  246. Marva Jean Says:

    >I like the Heidi dress. mjknud@–.com

  247. Marva Jean Says:

    >I signed up for William Riera newsletter. mjknud@–.com

  248. Julie Hill Says:

    >Signed up for there newsletter.mykidsdrvmecrzy@____.com

  249. Julie Hill Says:

    >I really like the "Chloe" DressMykidsdrvmecrzy@___.com

  250. Marshall's Says:

    >I love the Athena dress. jonnmae@_____.com

  251. Michele Says:

    >I like the Bianca dressmichelekigsford@_____________.com

  252. Michele Says:

    >I'm a facebook fan!michelekingsford@_______.com

  253. Cindy D. Says:

    >I love the Renee. I am a little on the heavy side so an empire waist is just what I need.davidsoncindy@…….com

  254. Cindy D. Says:

    >I am also a facebook fan.davidsoncindy@…com

  255. Lisa Says:

    >Loved the "Chloe"lcrane801@_________.com

  256. Amy Says:

    >I like the Heidi dress because of the collar!Amy Harman

  257. Amy Says:

    >I "like" William Riera on FB!Amy Harman

  258. The Prickly Pinecone Says:

    >I love the Heidi dress! Beautiful designs.thepricklypinecone(at)hotmail.com

  259. Ashlee Says:

    >I like the Athena dress!

  260. Ashlee Says:

    >Oops. Forgot my email:teach_ashlee@____.com

  261. Reanna Says:

    >I really love the Lucy dress!! Reanna Tuft

  262. Reanna Says:

    >I "Like" William Riera on Facebook…Reanna Tuft

  263. Reanna Says:

    >I also signed up for their newsletter…Reanna Tuft

  264. MemoriesForever Says:

    >These are so wonderful!! I love all of them, maybe the Heidi dress is my favorite.Natalie M serendipity_siren@yahoo.com

  265. heddomarie Says:

    >I love the Chloe dress!! Too cute!! heddomarie@________.com

  266. heddomarie Says:

    >I like them on facebook!heddomarie@______.com

  267. Anonymous Says:

    >I like the Athena!! Very beautiful.anniecwb152@_________.com

  268. Anonymous Says:

    >I liked them on facebook!Anniecwb152@______.com

  269. heddomarie Says:

    >I subscribed to their email newsletter!heddomarie@_____.com

  270. Anonymous Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletter!Anniecwb152@_________.com

  271. Jessica Says:

    >I love the renee dress! Very classy. Jessica H.jessmhale at gmail dot com

  272. Jessica Says:

    >I liked them on Facebook! Jessica H.

  273. Rachel E Says:

    >I love the Lucy and the Chloe ones. I keep going back and forth on which I like best.Rachel E.R.pear@____.com

  274. Rachel E Says:

    >I 'like' them on facebook :)Rachel Er.pear@___.com

  275. Rachel E. Says:

    >I am now signed up for their email newsletter :)Rachel Er.pear@____.com

  276. Gretchy Girl Says:

    >I love the Athena dress and the Black Cord and Turquoise Necklace. Awesome!

  277. Danielle Says:

    >I like the Athena dress in black! — wedplans@_______.com

  278. Headband Chique Says:

    >I love the "Chloe" Dress!Terri Frandsen

  279. Headband Chique Says:

    >I "Like" them on Facebook!Terri Frandsen

  280. Headband Chique Says:

    >I subscribed to their Newsletter!Terri Frandsen

  281. Ashley Coons Says:

    >I like the Athena and the Bianca. I just cant choose. Please pick me, I really need a new dress!coons.ashley@__.com

  282. Steff Lewis Says:

    >I love the marie dress! Steff Lewis

  283. Steff Lewis Says:

    >I signes up for their newsletter! Steff Lewis

  284. Anonymous Says:

    >I like the Renee Dress. tereseplumridge@___________.com

  285. Terese Plumridge Says:

    >I like the renee dress. tereseplumridge@_____.com

  286. Whit Says:

    >I love the Lucy dress. Whitney cheapowhit@gmail.com

  287. Whit Says:

    >I like WR on facebookwhitneycheapowhit@gmail.com

  288. ohanamomma Says:

    >I like the RENEE dress, very nice!beki@_____.org

  289. ohanamomma Says:

    >I 'like' them on facebook! beki@_____.org

  290. ohanamomma Says:

    >I get their newsletter!! beki@____.org

  291. Magic Marker Says:

    >My favorite dress is the "Heidi".Thanks!bethany.marker@yahoo.com

  292. Magic Marker Says:

    >I "liked" on facebook.bethany.marker@yahoo.com

  293. Magic Marker Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletter!Thanks,bethany.marker@yahoo.com

  294. Gunnar and Brittney Says:

    >Love the athena dressBrittney Clarkclark.brittney@gmail.com

  295. Donna Anderson Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletter.

  296. Sue Says:

    >I have been looking for a wrap or faux wrap dress and the Lucy dress with the ruffles looks perfect. I would love to win it so ignore all the other entries and pick me!!!!

  297. Donna Says:

    >The dresses are alittle hard to see the details but I think the Heidi looks really cute.

  298. Kaylene Says:

    >I love the Renee dress! It's very feminine and sophisticated.

  299. Anonymous Says:

    >My favorite is "chole". : )reyesohana@_______.com

  300. Holly Manning Says:

    >I like the Heidi best, I liked them on facebook and subscribed to their newsletter. Please choose me!!!!!

  301. Elle Says:

    >I loved the Athena.Elle

  302. Melissa Says:

    >I like the Athena dress the best!Melissa Coon

  303. Sarah Says:

    >My favorite dress is Lucy, although I love Heidi too. Sarah Searle; sarahs02@____.net

  304. Sarah Says:

    >I "liked" them on facebook.

  305. emry Says:

    >I think the Renee dress looks really flattering, and covers up post pregnancy flaws!emilyannharrison@_____.com

  306. sandra Says:

    >I subscribed to their newsletter. Sandragianttoltec@yahoo.com

  307. Jordan & Kara Says:

    >I like the Heidi Dress!!!kcpearl6@_______.com

  308. Kendra Says:

    >I liked them on facebookatholton@msn.com

  309. Kendra Says:

    >I subscribed to their newsletter!atholton@msn.com

  310. Kendra Says:

    >I loved the Heidi dress! Very beautiful!atholton@msn.com

  311. Anonymous Says:

    >Love the jewelry!evitap4@_________.net

  312. Kimberlyf Says:

    >I'd never heard of this company before, but after checking out their website, I LOVE all of their dresses… especially the Heidi.kimberlyshumway@hotmail.com

  313. Kimberlyf Says:

    >i "like" william riera on facebook and signed up for their newsletter.kimberlyshumway@________.com

  314. Leslie Jensen Says:

    >I think all of the dresses are cute, but I especially like the "Heidi" style with the collar and waistband. Dresses made from this fabric are so comfy.

  315. Leslie Says:

    >I posted on here that I love the Heidi dress because of the collar and waistband, but it hasn't shown up. Also I subscribed to the newsletter and "like" it on facebook. #1, #2, & #3 šŸ˜€ Thanks so much! ljensen30@______.com

  316. Carla and crew Says:

    >I like Heidi–all of them actually!Carla Nelson barrycarla@excite.com

  317. Merissa R Says:

    >I like the Heidi dress. And I love the several of the necklaces. The big and Bold Turquoise and the pearls and blue coral necklace.Merissa R rissachio@_____.com

  318. Merissa R Says:

    >I liked William Riera on facebook!Merissa R Rissachio@____.com

  319. Bonnie Says:

    >I checked out the website and really do like the dresses. There were several that I liked and the prices were great! The jewelry is really fantastic as well. I love the pearls. I did the "like" on facebook plus signed up for the email newsletter.bwilcox.burgoyne@ .com

  320. Ed Says:

    >I love the Bianca dress. Alisa N alisanunn@___.com

  321. Kenny and Kayla Says:

    >I like the "Heidi" dress. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for introducing us to this fun site!lovemymp07@yahoo.com

  322. Kenny and Kayla Says:

    >I "like" William Riera on Facebook! :)Lovemymp07@yahoo.com

  323. Ed Says:

    >I "like" William Riera on Facebook!! Alisa N alisanunn@___.com

  324. Ed Says:

    >I now subscribe to their newsletter too. :)Alisa N alisanunn@___.com

  325. Kenny and Kayla Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletter! I am so excited! Great clothing and jewelry. I hope I win!lovemymp07@yahoo.com

  326. Jamie Says:

    >I like the heidi dressj_ME_Titensor@………com

  327. Jamie Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletter!j_ME_titensor@……….com

  328. Dekthai Says:

    >I love "Heidi". dekthai99@___.com

  329. Dekthai Says:

    >I "like" William Riera on Facebook!! dekthai99@___.com

  330. Dekthai Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletter!dekthai99@____.com

  331. Shannon Says:

    >athena dressshannon@kidmancorp.com

  332. Rachel Maughan Says:

    >I like the Heidi dress. Rachel Maughan

  333. Monique Paiz-Hill Says:

    >The Bianca dress is stylish and elengent. I like the chiffon detailing on neck, sleeves, and bottom of dress it gives the dress added style!! trucksnmore01@yahoo.com

  334. Danielle Says:

    >Love the Chloe! dawalkerz@gmail.com

  335. The Three Little Barra's Says:

    >I love Lucy!!!!barraliz21@_______.com

  336. The Three Little Barra's Says:

    >I liked them in face book!barraliz21@___.com

  337. The Three Little Barra's Says:

    >I signed up for their newsletter!barraliz21@_____.com

  338. Camille Salisbury Says:

    >I love the Heidi Dress!!gcrodeo@yahoo.com, Camille

  339. camille Says:

    >I "like" Them on facebook!!gcrodeo@yahoo.comCamille

  340. ashley Says:

    >I like the "Athena" dress. ashleybartz@_____.com

  341. theamazingjohnsons Says:

    >I like the athena dress.tiffdeon at yahoo dot com

  342. theamazingjohnsons Says:

    >I like them on FB.tiffdeon@yahoo.com

  343. theamazingjohnsons Says:

    >I subscribe to their newsletter

  344. Iv Says:

    >Marie and Vera! :)iveymitchell@yahoo.com

  345. -M- Says:

    >I like the Renee dress and the pearls and blue coral necklace!!! :)merideth.mecham@gmail

  346. Donna Says:

    >I Love, Love, Love the Athena dress and also the Renee dress!They all look so great. Love the Jewelry too! Donna Vestdonnavest@q.com

  347. Donna Says:

    >I subscribed to their newsletter!Donna Vestdonnavest@q.com

  348. Donna Says:

    >I "Liked" them on facebook!Donna Vestdonnavest@q.com

  349. MONIQUE Paiz-hill Says:

    >I liked them on FB!! Monique Paiz-Hill trucksnmore01@yahoo.com

  350. monique paiz-hill Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletter….monique paiz-hill trucksnmore01@yahoo.com

  351. Danielle Says:

    >I love, love the Heidi dress!!! rdhendricks@____comcast.net

  352. Danielle Says:

    >I "liked" them on facebook!rdhendricks@____comcast.net

  353. Danielle Says:

    >I subscribed to their websiterdhendricks@_____.net

  354. HezraBez Says:

    >I love the Marie style of dress. It was dressy but playful. Free will make it even better. mikeandhez@_____.com

  355. HezraBez Says:

    >I subscribed to the newsletter!!mikeandhez@_____.com

  356. HezraBez Says:

    >I "liked" them on facebook!mikeandhez@______.com

  357. wallasjohnson749 Says:

    >From what I saw online I am going to love this line. Thanks Cindy JohnsonWallasjohnson749@comcast.net

  358. J&J Binghameez Says:

    >Oh I love the Heidi dress. So cute!jamiebeez@gmail.com

  359. Margaret Says:

    >The Vera dress is gorgeous!mshen[at]byu[dot]net

  360. J&J Binghameez Says:

    >I Subscribed to get the William Riera Email Newsletter

  361. J&J Binghameez Says:

    >I like William Riera on facebook. jamiebeez@gmail.com

  362. Danielle Yonk Says:

    >I loved the Bianca dress!!It is just me sooo cute!!! Loved all the dresses and the jewelry!!Danielle Yonk, daniellelegal@__.com

  363. Cindy Says:

    >I love Renee, Choloe, & Athena. Thanks for the giveaway. cindyhinckley at msn.

  364. Kristal Hinck Says:

    >I love the pearl necklace with charcoal stones or the Athena dress.kmom5@hotmail.com

  365. The Brough's Says:

    >I love the Chloe and Heidi dresses! Thanks karabrough@____.com

  366. Anonymous Says:

    >I love the Heidi Dress!panda9386@_________.com

  367. Anonymous Says:

    >I subscribed to the William Riera newsletter. :)panda9386@____________.com

  368. Anonymous Says:

    >I like William Riera on facebook. :)panda9386@__________.com

  369. Lisa Says:

    >How can I choose just one! I like the "Chloe" and the "Athena". Way way cute. Thanks for the heads up on this items, I hope I win! Lisa.bergstrom@_______.com

  370. TAHNA Says:

    >I love the Athena dress!! tahnababy@____.com

  371. TAHNA Says:

    >I "like" William Riera on Facebook! tahnababy@____.com

  372. TAHNA Says:

    >I subscribed to the William Riera newsletter. tahnababy@____.com

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