>Freebies Ending Soon! Don’t forget!

>I know I post a lot of deals on the website.  And I know it is hard to keep them all straight.  So I thought I would give you all a heads up on freebies that are ending soon, in case you forgot to do them.  Here they are:

This deal Expires June 7th:

Photoworks is offering a Free Photo Card for Dad with any $1.00 purchase. Just use code CARD4DAD at checkout to get it free.

PLUS, new members can get 25 Free Photo Prints AND free shipping with code MYFIRSTORDER.

Expires June 17th:

Kodak Gallery is offering a Free Photo Magnet!  Just make sure you use code FREEMAGNET.  And it looks like shipping is only $.99!

Plus, if you have never used Kodak Gallery Before, you can also grab 50 Free prints with your order!

This one’s expiration date is not listed, which means it could end at any time:

If you haven’t taken advantage of this in the past, you can grab 40 Free Photo Prints from York Photo!

  • Just head over to York Photo. 
  • Create a new account with York Photo, you will automatically get 40 Free 4×6 Prints! 
  • Plus, if you add any additional prints (up to 100)  use code YGP44 to get them for only $.04 each!

**This offer is only available to new accounts!  But what a great deal on photo prints!!

There isn’t an expiration date on this offer, so get it while the promo code is still good!

So I just heard about this company called Pixable!  They were featured in The New York Times, ABC News and Newsweek- so definitely a pretty legitimate company!

They are offering a Free 22 Page 8×5 Photo Book to ANY new user of Pixable!  Just use code PIXBOOK. And, the shipping on the book is only $2.99! 

Anytime I see an offer like this, I take some time to do it.  You can always find a creative and cute way to put your family memories in a book, create a quiet book for church, or even a book for each vacation! When it only costs $2.99 to get something like that, I think it is totally worth it to keep the memories!

One benefit of Pixable is that you can take Facebook Photos and put them in your book too! So, if you don’t have access to all of your pictures, and maybe a friend does, you can still print the pictures for your own Photo Book. My sister is the one in our family who takes all of the pictures, so I will be pulling photos from her page to put in my book!

**You will need a Facebook Account to sign in.  So, you can definitely create a Facebook Account for Free.  You won’t need to add any pictures or anything.  Then, you can use Pixable and grab pictures from your computer instead!


4 Responses to “>Freebies Ending Soon! Don’t forget!”

  1. Tara Says:

    >I created one of the Pixable books, got to the checkout and it says the code "FREEPIX" is expired

  2. Forrest and Holly Says:

    >It worked for me to use PIXBOOK instead of FREEPIX

  3. Bama Leone Says:

    >For the photo works my first order it is ONLY Free shipping. The prints are not free.

  4. Melea Says:

    >Bama-They must have ended that deal! Thanks for letting me know.

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