>Exclusive Deal for Utah Savings Card!


UPDATE:  The code should be working now!  Let me know if it isnt!

You guys know I love to get deals that you can’t find anywhere else.  So, I’m totally excited to tell you about this special deal for Freebies2Deals readers. 

Utah Savings Card can get your entire family HUGE discounts at Lagoon, Boondocks, The Living Planet Aquarium and other restaurants and activities!  And, you only need one card per family.

Normally, you would pay $12 for a 3 month membership.  But, for you guys, you can grab a 3 Month Membership for your ENTIRE family for only $5.00!  Crazy!!  Just use code Freebies2deals (case sensitive) to get that price. Can you imagine how many awesome discounts you could get on fun things for your family to do this summer??  And all you are paying is $5.00 for the first 3 months!

  • Just head over to Utah Savings Card.
  • Then scroll down to towards the bottom.  You will see “Step 1” in red. Click on the link that says “Join Utah Savings Card Now”
  • You can then enter in your special promo code and get 3 Months of membership for only $5.00!

After the first 3 months, your membership will change to the regular price.  But, you can cancel at ANY time.  They are very into customer satisfaction and will totally take care of you.  So far, I have been very impressed with them!! 

Utah Savings Card has just burst onto the Utah scene and is adding a ton of new companies each week.  If you see a company that isn’t a part of Utah Savings Card, and you want it to be, just request it!  They usually can get the discount for you!

**PLUS- Utah Savings Card Members can get in to the Special Raging Waters Summer Kickoff on May 29th from 10:30am- 5:00pm for only $8.00!  Tickets are normally $20.  And, if you go and visit the Utah Savings Card booth while you are there, you will get an $8.00 coupon good towards any new or existing membership account! Awesome!  It is like getting in for FREE!

**And, you can bring up to 4 non Utah Savings Card Members as guests with you and they will get in for $8 too!


13 Responses to “>Exclusive Deal for Utah Savings Card!”

  1. The Schofield Family Says:

    >Melia, I have never been able to get this site to load up. Have you had any problems?K~

  2. Alicia Says:

    >Its says that the coupon code has been used already.

  3. Melea Says:

    >The site loads for me…so strange! Maybe try a different Internet browser. Alicia… I will contact them asap! Thanks for letting me know!

  4. The Schofield Family Says:

    >That was it….had to change browsers. But then I had the same problem as Alicia 😦

  5. The Schofield Family Says:

    >Now it says it's exceeded the number of users.

  6. Melea Says:

    >Ok, the code should be working now!!! Let me know if it isnt!

  7. Melea Says:

    >Oh- the code is case sensitive- Freebies2deals

  8. The Schofield Family Says:

    >LOL….I finally called them directly and that's what they told me. I was getting a message that my account was suspended due to payment? Huh!Got it figured out. Thanks James!!!!! :0)

  9. Elena Says:

    >Code not working, here is the message: We are sorry: This coupon has exceeded the maximum uses.

  10. suzyQtT73 Says:

    >I finally got it to work after a few tries. The code needs to be capitalized, duh! Freebies2deals, and you have to select the credit card option not the prepaid option. Good luck!

  11. Lisa Says:

    >I cannot seem to get this deal. When I click on the 3-Month membership (credit card button), and put in the code, the error message says that the code is for a trial membership. So then when I click on the 1-month trial membership and use the code, the error message tells me that I can't use that code for this. HELP!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    >This is James with the Utah Savings Card I am sorry for all of the issues. Everything is working now. I have verified it myself.Please contact me at james@utahsavingscard.com or 801-613-UTSC. If you can not register ot have any questions.

  13. Brea Marie Says:

    >Make sure you click on credit card and not the prepaid button. I accidently made that mistake and then it wouldn't let me enter the code again. So I called James and he was great! He helped me out really quickly too! Thanks Melea… and James!

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