>Free Bumpits for the first 500!


UPDATE:  This WAS a Giveaway for the first 500.. but now Bumpits has turned it into a drawing… definitely NOT COOL!  So, feel free to leave a post on their wall telling them that.

This one will go extremely fast.  So hurry and get over to the Bumpits Facebook Page.  “Like” Bumpits…it’s the same as becoming a fan.  Then, you will be able to request your Free Bumpit.  You can even choose the color so it matches your hair!

I was just able to grab mine so there are still some left.

(Thanks Bucktown Bargains)


2 Responses to “>Free Bumpits for the first 500!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    >Thanks for posting this!! I hope they send me some bumpits … I've been wanting to try these, but haven't bought any yet. I'm excited!!

  2. McKell Says:

    >I just wanted to help clarify for some people who may have not noticed this! I just saw a post on the Bump its page that it isn't a giveaway like alot of people thought! It's actually a drawing so you are not actually guaranteed a bump it just a chance to win one!

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