>More CityDeals Ideas! Promo code ending soon!

>Utah City Deals Ideas:

So, if you haven’t been able to tell, I’ve been really excited about the extra 15% off code from CityDeals.  I have been searching through their Gift Certificates to find the best deals for our own family and I thought I would share a few of them with all of you…just in case you are not sure which deals you can grab!

With all of these deals, use code Springcleaning to get the price listed.  Plus shipping is free!

Ichiban (Awesome Sushi) $20 Gift Certificate for only $8.50!  Plus, they actually WANT you to use it during their Sushi Happy Hour where their Sushi is already discounted half-off!

Rod Works $25 Gift Certificate for only $10.62!  Plus, you can use it along with Rod Works coupons for an even crazier deal!  **If you have already purchased your Gift Certificate at that rate, you can still get as many as you want of the $25 Gift Certificates for $17.  Plus, you can still use it with coupons!

Gandolfo’s (One of my favorite sandwhich shops!) Get a $25 Gift Certificate for only $10.62!  That should feed 3- 4 people!  WOW!  Plus, they periodically send out coupons in your mail.  Since there are no restrictions, you can use them too!  Or, sign up to get Special Offers from Gandolfo’s and use them together.

Classic Fun CenterGet a $20 Gift Certificate for only $8.50!  On Monday nights, your entire family (up to 5 people) can get in for only $10!!  And Thursdays are dollar night! Check out the other weekly deals you can use your gift certificate with. 

And one of the coolest new Gift Certificates is for Real Deals Home Decor in Bountiful Utah.  Even if you don’t live there, it may be worth the drive.  Get a $25 Gift Certificate for only $10.62!  They have really cute Home Decor items. 

Those are just a few of the awesome deals you can get right now with the 15% off code at CityDeals.  You will want to take a second and search for your favorite stores and restaurants on their website.  You will find a killer discount on the items you already buy!


One Response to “>More CityDeals Ideas! Promo code ending soon!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    >FYI–when using the 15% off code, springcleaning needs to be in ALL CAPS or it doesn't work. That site also has the Sexy Modest store (in AF) for half off too, plus the extra 15 off. Thanks!

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