>Upcoming Freebies2Deals Coupon Conference! YAY!


If you live in Utah or can make it to Utah on Wednesday, May 12th at 6pm, we will be having the next Freebies2Deals Coupon Conference!

This time, I am giving you a heads up– so those of you who want tickets can get them right when they go live.  Seats will be available on Tuesday, April 20th at 10:00am!  So, you will want to be here at that time to make sure you grab your seats before they are gone.  Last time, the first Freebies2Deals Coupon Conference sold out 3 times in 72 hours.  We ended up having to cap the registration at 400 people!  So, if you were too late to get seats for the last Coupon Conference, now you can be ready!

All of the details for the Freebies2Deals Coupon Conference will be available on Tuesday at 10am.  But, I can tell you that this event is going to be bigger and even better than the last one!  Here are just a few teasers to get you excited:

  • Dinner is going to be provided by one of my favorite restaurants! 
  • Everyone will walk away with a Giveaway Bag!  (Last time it had $50 worth of coupons and products inside)
  • Plus, we will have tons of Giveaways during the Conference! 
  • You will learn about anything and everything Coupon and Freebie related! 

So whether you are just starting out, or have been couponing for awhile, this will be such a fun event to go to with friends or family members!  Let’s just call it “Girls Night Out for Coupons”!  (Boys are invited too- so we might have to call it something else! )

Mark your calendars to be online on Tuesday at 10am so you can grab your seat!  Can’t wait to see you all there.  I had a lot of fun meeting so many of you at the last event!

**Special Thanks to Noahs for letting us have the Coupon Conference at their Facility!  And for the rest of the sponsors giving away items to everyone coming!

If you have an item that you would like to add to our grab bag or as a giveaway for the event, we have only a few spots left!  It is a great advertising tool.  So email me at melea@freebies2deals.com.  Let’s see if your product is a good fit for the coupon conference!


11 Responses to “>Upcoming Freebies2Deals Coupon Conference! YAY!”

  1. Paige Says:

    >I assume you meant April 20th…but I also wanted to clarify this – will it be at the South Jordan location or the Lindon one?And a few more questions…how much will it cost? And how long should I expect it to be?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    >You put March instead of April on the date. Just a heads-up. Happy Weekend!

  3. Melea Says:

    >Thanks guys! It's been a long week and all of the months seem the same!All of the details are still being finalized and will be in the post on Tuesday. But it will be at the South Jordan Location. It is the most middle location for people up north and down south.

  4. LacyAsher#1 Says:

    >I really want to go!!! I have been following your blog FOREVER but have never went to the conference! You have so many awesome deals on here that I can't wait to see what you will teach us at the conference! Do you know how much the tickets will be???

  5. HeatherC Says:

    >Hey there are alot of us that were planning on coming up from southren utah but were kind of dissappointed to see its on a wed 😦 We are going to try and work it out with our hubbys work schedule or try and find a babysitter! We have been waiting to go!! We are so excited to come i hope we can!!! 🙂

  6. Brenda Says:

    >Melea, I still have my tickets to your last conference I wasn't able to go to. Can I still use those tickets even though it's going to be at a different place? I was hoping it was going to be on Saturday again, also. Oh well, I'm not missing this one! thanks

  7. renees Says:

    >I so wanted to go to this next conference but every Wednesday is out for me. I hope you will consider holding your next one on a Tuesday or Thursday. Thanks!

  8. Shari Says:

    >I would love to go to one, but I live to far to come on a week night. I hope you do another one on a saturday!

  9. Amanda Says:

    >Wont be able to come with it being a weeknight… really wanting to learn more about all this stuff!!! do you post any of your talks or anything that you give at the confrence?

  10. Mallory Says:

    >Anyone that signed up for the paper at the last conference. Have you recieved your papers yet?? I have yet to recieve any and do not know who to contact. I called Media one and they do not see an account under my name.

  11. Melea Says:

    >Mallory-That isn't right at all! Email me!!

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