>Summer Reading Program for your Kids! Free Book from Barnes and Noble!


Barnes and Noble is offering a Fun Summer Reading Program for ages 6- 12. I’m a BIG advocate of Reading for Kids!  It is so good for them and such a positive thing for them to do.  Plus, It builds such a great imagination.

All they have to do is read 8 books and Barnes and Noble will give them a book for Free!  Read all of the details here.

(Thanks Money Saving Madness)


4 Responses to “>Summer Reading Program for your Kids! Free Book from Barnes and Noble!”

  1. J Says:

    >It says school age grades 1-6, so I was wondering how my 3 year old would do it?

  2. Jasperson Family Says:

    >We have done this awesome promo for the past 5 years. My kids love to do it. They are able to get some free books for doing something they are already doing…READING!!!However, the age is NOT 3-12, it is GRADES 1-6.

  3. Melea Says:

    >Thanks for catching my mistype!!

  4. Angela Says:

    >My kids did this last summer and were able to do it twice. B & N allowed them to submit 2 forms so in the end they were able to get 2 books. It was fun and they were really excited for new books. I am not sure if they will allow 2 submissions this summer but it might be worth asking.

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