>Giveaway Winner! Is it you??

>First of all, you guys definitely gave me a run for my money.  I thought I could put together the giveaway list quickly, but I had so many submissions it took a few hours!  So, sorry it took so long to post the winner this morning!

The winner MUST EMAIL ME at melea@freebies2deals.com.  The winner only has 24 hours to get that email to me, or I will be giving their prize to a runner-up!  I’m very strict about this.  Also, email me from the account that I list, or it will not be considered valid. 

Ok, and the winner is……… emilykay89@______.com
Thank you so much to everyone that entered!  So, did we like the giveaway of winning a chance to go shopping with me?  Is that something I should do again??

11 Responses to “>Giveaway Winner! Is it you??”

  1. Kathy Says:

    >Yes! Offer another one! Its always fun to try and win!

  2. Lindsie Says:

    >Melea, Honestly I was more excited about the shopping with you than I was about the gift basket!

  3. Brandee Says:

    >Shopping with you would be the bomb! I am just starting and to go with someone who knew what they were doing would be awesome.

  4. Creative Outlet Says:

    >Yes, I was also more excited about shopping with you than I was about the gift basket.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    >agreed- the best part of the giveaway was the chance to shop with you!

  6. anneski Says:

    >congratulations to emily kay enjoy you shopping trip and gift basket

  7. Penny, Mom, Aunt Penny, Grandma Penny, etc. Says:

    >Hooray for EmilyKay. Shopping with you, Melea, would be a fabulous gift.

  8. suzyQT73 Says:

    >I would love to shop with you, that is all you need to give away and I am sure we would ALL be thrilled.

  9. Ryan & Kami Says:

    >I also think the shopping trip with you would have been better than the gift basket. It would be nice to go out with you and you could teach those of us who are scared of Walgreens how to be more confident.

  10. Tina Says:

    >Yes, please offer another give away that involves shopping with you. I need all the help I can get

  11. Amy Says:

    >I also would love to go shopping with you!! It seems so overwelming at times and remembering where to go and how to get the right deals seems so mind-boggling sometimes. A shopping trip with you would sure help a lot and clear so many things up!!

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